Your giving makes it possible to place missionaries and church planters in prisons and other difficult communities all over the country and around the world.

Your giving makes it possible to see children grow up and remain free from gang-life. Your giving provides the opportunity for men and women within dangerous and difficult areas to become disciples of Christ within their own culture. Your giving makes it possible for churches to have resources at no cost and assistance in developing missional approaches to their own community.

Our success is measured in the results of the local church as it grows in ministry and influence within it’s own community. Success will never be measured according to anything specifically identified as Mission12|24 resources, events, or otherwise.

The purpose of Mission 12|24 is:

  • To provide personalized strategy and resources for local churches to implement and develop missional disciple-making in their own communities; such as prisons, schools, government housing, inner city neighborhoods, etc
  • To cooperate with and encourage the growth of partnerships between churches and strategic partners already operating within difficult communities in order to see community development and empowerment for self-sustainability.
  • To house the ministry of Dave Wiley (speaking, teaching, writing, podcast, etc.).

Mission 12|24 is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit. All gifts are tax deductible. Financial statement upon request.

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