As a man of God, I would like to thank you for coming and sharing the Word with us. It really lifted my spirits and meant a lot to me that you could visit those of us that do not really have anything to look forward to. I can honestly say that your being here was one of the best, if not the best times that I have had in years. It is a time that I will never forget.
— Inmate (name protected) at Hanover Correctional Center, Hanover VA

Dave Wiley currently serves Brainerd Baptist Church as Director of Community Missions. He is also president of a mission effort called Mission12|24. Its focus is on supporting local churches in making disciple-makers in difficult communities (prisons, inner city, etc) through the local church. David has been in full time ministry for almost 2 decades and currently preaches in prisons, churches, rehab centers, ministry outreaches, and actively works with violent communities throughout the country and around the world. He married Mollie in 2001 and Sarah, their daughter, is married and lives in southeast TN.

I have known Dave Wiley for many years and have been able to serve alongside him in ministry. David has a heart for the Lord and seeks to honor Him in all areas of his life. I’ve seen first hand his heart for the Word of God and missions. He has committed his life to serving God in full time ministry and is devoted to the church and his family. His goal in life is to glorify Christ.
— Dr. Robby Gallaty, Senior Pastor of Long Hollow Baptist Church (Hendersonville, TN)
We have been fortunate to have Dave Wiley teach in our college ministry several times. His honest and faithful attention to God’s Word both confronts and teaches the truth in genuine love. God is honored in his teaching and we are always blessed by it.
— Steve Roper, BCM Director at the University of TN Chattanooga
The opportunity to work beside, support, and labor in prayer with a man of God focused foremost on the Lord is greatly encouraging to me as a Mission Director of Christian Ministry to Israel. David Wiley is a personal friend, a prayer partner, and I have been honored to serve the Lord with Dave Wiley in the Middle East, Europe, and study alongside him in Hebrew. David is gifted in communicating and has much depth in Biblical knowledge.
— Dr. Reginald K. Lisemby, Executive Servant of Christian Ministry to Israel
Dave Wiley is the best storyteller, he brings the word alive in a relevant and effective style that immediately draws the listener in.
— Angela Parsley, Speaker/Author & Co-Founder of Refresh My Soul Ministries
Dave Wiley is a great addition for your mission team. He joined our team and within hours had endeared himself to our leaders, our students and our audience. The messages were on point and timely for every application.
— Jeff Askew, Worship Pastor at Liberty Baptist Church (Hampton, VA)