What if safe communities, where children play in the streets, started with disciples and not police officers? What if our churches, rather than gangs, were making disciples in these communities? What if prisons were a mission field and the residents became church planters? What if Sunday was not the most segregated day of the week? We have seen this kind of change happen and the local church is the key.


It is our mission to support the local church in making disciples that grow the church in difficult communities. We believe this is the key to producing safe environments for families and businesses within or affected by difficult and sometimes violent circumstances. Mission12|24 always works through the local church and it is our desire to be invisible, behind the scenes, so that the church owns the ministry. We want to help with personalized strategies for the implementation and development of disciple-making in difficult communities, such as prisons, schools, government housing, inner city neighborhoods, etc.; to cooperate with and encourage the growth of churches and strategic partners already operating within these areas.

Our success is measured in the results of the local church as it grows in ministry and influence within its own community. Success will never be measured by anything specifically identified as Mission12|24 resources, events, or otherwise.